The history of the game

For the first time this game began to speak a few centuries ago in the area of ​​the Britain. Presumably, the word dart comes from the name of the cross-section of the tree. Previously, this game was called otherwise – Dartboard.

It is possible that initially as the target for darts the bottom of a wooden barrel was used. It is also known that the game originated in a society of soldiers and soldiers who used short arrows and threw them into the bottom of the barrel or tree trunk. If the trunk of an old dry tree was used as a target, the cracks from the arrows diverged into so-called “sectors”. The real markings on sectors (20 sectors) were first created by the usual carpenter Lancashire Brian Gamlin in 1896. And in 1932 the first sisal targets were invented.

The first darts tournament – the News of the World Individual Darts Championship – was held in the season of 1927-1928. And in 1954, the National Association of Darts was created in the UK (NDA), in 1992 the PDC – Professional Darts Corporation was created.

The first female and male world darts championship was held in 2010. And already in 2011, began a tour of darts – PDC Unicorn Youth Tour. According to the rules, players from 14 to 21 years old could take part in it.